A house Jazz Concert is a gathering of friends, family and neighbors. They are Jazz Lovers and come together to enjoy live Jazz in Orange County. This takes place in a persons home. The host will suggested a voluntary donation. House Concerts are a great way to enjoy live music and an evening out in a pleasant environment. It's a musical concert or performance. That takes place in a home, apartment, garden, barn or back yard. Or any small intimate space you come up with. You would need room for 15 to 30 guests. Sometimes there is food and drinks provided. But in most cases guests are requested to bring a dish, or appetizer and drinks to the gathering. There are some house concerts that don't have any food or drinks, just the concert. Each home owner will decide the details of how to arrange the concert and let the guest know in advance. 

We do House Jazz Concerts. So if your interested contact me via our website at:

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